Planetarium seating is seen at the bottom of the image. The planetarium screen displays an image of the milky way galaxy as visible from Earth.


The National Space Centre can come directly to your school, to deliver fantastic workshops in-house, or for you to experience the night sky in our StarDome; a Portable Planetarium!

Please check your available space before booking. We require a 6x6 metre floor space with a 4.5 metre clearance above the dome. The dome must be set up indoors, and cannot be utilised outside.

The StarDome recreates a dark night sky with hundreds of brilliant points of light splashed across the inside of the dome. The stars are projected into their positions for any time of the year, and guarantee to amaze and education your students!

Our StarDome presenters use a range of media both inside and outside the dome to bring space and astronomy to life.

Please access this document to find out more about our StarDome visits.


StarDome visits cost £500 + VAT (£600 total) for 4 sessions

  1. A nebula is in the foreground, with a cluster of stars seen in the background.

    The Life of Stars

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  2. The Earth can be seen very close up. The moon is close by, and slightly transparent.

    Earth, Moon and Sun

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  3. A moon is in the foreground, Saturn is just behind. A few celestial bodies are scattered further away, on a black background.

    The Planets and Stars

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  4. The Earth is observed and some clouds can be seen in it's atmosphere. The Sun's light reflects off the Earth's surface.

    Stars, Stories and Songs

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  5. The solar system's Planets and the sun, with the planets aligned and the sun on the far left. The planets' orbit paths are show by translucent grey lines.

    The Solar System

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