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Operation Montserrat


The island of Montserrat in the Caribbean is currently the most dangerous place on Earth. There is a hurricane reported on course to hit the island and the volcano on the island is threatening to erupt. Students will need to form an Emergency Response Team to help monitor the volcano and hurricane and to evacuate the residents away from the danger zones.

This programme is an exciting cross curricular activity covering Geography, Maths, Communication, Team Building and many other embedded skills. It works best with Key Stages 3 and 4, and can be differentiated for sixth formers.

Free e-Mission teacher training sessions for Operation Montserrat are available. These are an excellent opportunity for a group of teachers (minimum 10) - most of whom should be from different schools - to sample an e-Mission Operation Montserrat first hand and to see what it would be like in the classroom. These training sessions can be arranged in your school for either a morning or an afternoon (about 3 hours).

Alternatively if you need a refresher, or there is just one or two of you that are interested to have some training, we can do this with you over the video link when we carry out the test connection. This can be done after school or at a time to suit you.


Please remember that it actually takes place within your own classroom at a time to suit your time-table and there is no need for costly coach travel and last of all no risk assessments to carry out!




Click here to read what the Media Team from Bothal School wrote after their recent Mission


Operation Montserrat team instructions can be downloaded by clicking here

For further information please call our bookings team.

Click here to visit the dedicated e-missions website.

Montserrat is specifically linked to the National Curriculum and has many cross-curricular links.
This programme is suitable for classes of 30 or less.